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Stop Buying Useless Crap. Do This Instead for Real Joy.

Also uncommon advice for reading books (e.g. don't finish them...)

Welcome back to Idle Impact, where we share a few nuggets of wisdom each day that can make a positive impact in your life!

Today, we're diving into some fascinating insights that could transform the way you read and spend your money.

So, sit back and let's get started!

Yes, you too can be this excited about reading!


An avid reader’s tips on the right way to read

I don’t really set these hard and fast rules for myself. The good news is I just love to read.”

— Naval Ravikant

We’re all taught from a young age there’s a right way to read books.

Naval Ravikant, a well-known entrepreneur and angel investor in Silicon Valley, preaches a different philosophy when it comes to reading (non-fiction) and it’s quite different from what most of us are used to.

As a note, I love to listen to Ravikant speak because he’s just a really smart dude.

Here are a few of Ravikant’s tips on reading:

  1. You can read multiple books at the same time - Like Ravikant, who reads between 15-20 books at any one time, I also enjoy juggling multiple books. Feel free to jump around based on your mood or interests.

  2. You don’t have to read a book from beginning to end - In fact, Ravikant recommends just reading the parts that interest you, OR reading until you’ve gotten the ‘gist’ of the book.

  3. You can quit a book if you want to - Despite the common advice to 'finish what you start,' it's better to put down a book you're not enjoying than to lose motivation to read at all.

Overall, Ravikant believes you should be as flexible as you want when it comes to reading. This frees you from any pressure, and it also keeps you interested and motivated to read.

The key is to read in a way that is enjoyable and also allows you to retain as much information as possible. After all, Ravikant believes reading is the ultimate skill.

“The great thing about reading is you can use that to pick up any new skill. You can learn how to be healthy, you can learn how to be happy, you can learn how to have good relationships, you can learn how to be successful….You can trade it for any other skill. And that all begins with reading.”

— Naval Ravikant

Keypoint: It’s not important how or what you read. It’s more important that you keep reading (your way).

Great experiences lead to great memories


How to maximize your spending for happiness

Experts say that buying experiences instead of ‘stuff’ will bring you more happiness. Perhaps you already knew this deep inside?

There have been many studies about this topic of which Thomas Gilovich, a psychologist and Cornell University professor, has conducted a few.

People often underestimate the value of experiences, assuming they're temporary or offer less lasting value than material items.

However, the opposite is true. Actually, people remember experiences for a longer time; they also view experiences more fondly over time, even if it was not perfect.

On the other hand, people adapt to material possessions - i.e. that shiny new toy - quite quickly and are therefore less happy with their possessions over the long run.

In conclusion, if you’re deciding between buying an expensive product/toy or that awesome concert/vacation/event, it’s likely the latter will bring you deeper and longer-lasting happiness.

Keypoint: Buying experiences instead of stuff is better for your happiness.

And that wraps up this edition of Idle Impact!

Remember, the way we read and spend can have a huge impact on our happiness and personal growth. So, why not try reading several books at once or investing in an unforgettable experience?

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, or any other tips you'd like to share at [email protected]. Until next time!

- Kevin and the Idle Impact Team

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